You may have great teeth now, but without proper care, they are likely to become discoloured and prone to decay. Any damage and tooth loss should be prevented as early as possible, which is why you should fulfill regular visits to your dentist in addition to practicing proper dental hygiene. At a good clinic, you can have access to a range of services that will ensure healthy teeth and gums. These tips should also help maintain a beautiful smile while minimizing your need for emergency visits to a dental centre:

1. Brush and floss regularly. Do these at least twice a day, preferably in the morning and before bedtime. Be sure to brush properly, too, and do it gently to prevent damaging the tooth enamel.

2. Seek dental treatment. Notice any signs of damage? This could be anything from a discoloured or a wobbling tooth to a toothache, bleeding gums, a cracked or chipped tooth, and holes on your teeth. Regardless of the problem, call the dental clinic as soon as you can to schedule a check-up and treatment. Leaving the problem alone may result in more damage and eventual tooth loss, which can be more difficult and expensive to treat.

3. Consider cosmetic dentistry. A reputable dental centre in Oshawa would offer cosmetic treatments such as veneers and teeth whitening. A veneer can enhance the look of a chipped, broken, cracked, or discoloured tooth, which is otherwise healthy. It should protect the surface of teeth from further damage.

Whitening treatments typically uses specially formulated bleach with UV light to lighten the colour of stained teeth. You may need a dentist to perform a procedure if you are conscious about yellow or brown stains caused by some of the food and drinks you consume (i.e. red wine, coffee, and tea), and certain habits (i.e. smoking or chewing tobacco). A dental centre in Oshawa may also offer whitening kits you can use at home, but if you have an upcoming special occasion or event, consider having the procedure done in the clinic.

Finally, eat healthy. Maintain a beautiful smile and prevent damage to your teeth by choosing healthy snacks (i.e. vegetables and fruits) and by avoiding food that can stain or damage teeth and the enamel.