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The Maxwell Heights Dental Team welcomes you!

Dr. Stephanie Shum and the Maxwell Heights Dental Team are excited to welcome you. Our team combines gentleness and care with decades of dental expertise. Our Oshawa patient family keeps growing. We invite individuals and families searching for confident and qualified dental care in Oshawa to give us a call. Join our dental family today. We look forward to seeing you at our Taunton Road Clinic.

Maxwell Heights Dental is a comfortable place for all ages. At our Taunton Road Clinic, we accommodate even the most anxious of patients. Our modern techniques and approach to patient care are designed to put you at ease, and make dental visits feel like a nice break from your busy routine.

oshawa dentist
oshawa dentist

Dr. Stephanie Shum

Before becoming a dentist, Dr. Stephanie Shum worked as a teacher. It was in teaching that Dr. Stephanie developed a passion for working with children that has driven her to make Maxwell Heights Dental a welcoming environment for families. Dr. Shum’s warm demeanour makes dental visits a comfortable and calming experience for all our patients. Prior to her work with Maxwell Heights Dental, Dr. Shum practised in Brooklin, Ontario, where she continues to work part-time as Head of the Dental Department at Ontario Shores Hospital Centre.

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Dr. Grace Yuen

Dr. Grace Yuen passed away recently. She is deeply missed by so many who knew and loved her. Dr. Grace was a kind soul and a fantastic dental practitioner. Dr. Shum and the Maxwell Heights Dental Family have worked to ensure Dr. Yuen’s patients, for whom she cared so deeply and so well, continue to find a home with the Maxwell Heights Dental Family. Dr. Yuen’s memory is a blessing.

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Dr. Pamela Li

Dr. Pamela Li completed her dental degree at the University of Western Australia in 2010. She has practiced kind, world class dentistry for the past two decades, with Australian Dental Health Services, and in private practice. Dr. Li has served great communities in Oshawa, Markham, and Pickering. Dr. Li is a wonderful addition to the Maxwell Heights Dental team.

Dr. Roland Leung

Dr. Leung is an excellent Periodontist with a strong background in Immunology. Dr. Leung began his journey to dental practice after earning his Honours Bachelor of Science (with distinction) and Master of Science degrees.

Maxwell Heights Dental Team Support

KimRegistered Dental Hygienist
GeorgiaRegistered Dental Hygienist
LoriCertified Dental Assistant
TinaCertified Dental Assistant
WendyOffice Manager
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Maxwell Heights Dental: Patient-Focused Care

The Maxwell Heights Dental Team cares deeply about our patients and works to ensure the absolute best outcomes for members of our dental family. We prioritize patient comfort and satisfaction in our safe clinic space, where each individual is treated with respect and empathy. We are flattered by the number of five star reviews we receive from our Clients. Thanks for making us one of Oshawa’s favourite dental practices!

Our Mission

  • Provide high-quality care employing the best techniques and equipment
  • Create a comfortable, safe treatment environment patients look forward to visiting
  • Honour our patients with respect and empathy