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What is Orthodontic Treatment used for?

Sometimes, our teeth can become crooked, crowded, or can stick out, not only affecting our self-confidence but also the way our mouth, and even our face, function. At our dental centre, we have the right skills and necessary equipment to aid the region of Durham and the community of Oshawa and improve their smile with orthodontics treatments.

Orthodontic Treatments help straighten your teeth so they look and work better. This usually involves the use of appliances that put gentle pressure on your teeth, such as braces, retainers, and aligners, in order to get them to a certain position. The treatment can last for months or years, which depends on the severity of the patient’s particular condition and their ability to follow instructions.

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Orthodontic Treatment Process:

Firstly, our dentist will examine your mouth in order to detect subtle issues in tooth and jaw development. The dentist can examine your teeth during programmed check-ups or clean-ups.

After examination, and if our dentist has determined that it is necessary to pursue orthodontic treatment, then we will request an orthodontic x-ray and photographs to help determine which orthodontic treatment is best for you.

Once the test results are analyzed, we will discuss all of your orthodontic records and provide examples of appliances that may be involved in your treatment in order to help you achieve your dream smile. Once you have decided to move forward with your treatment, we will schedule an appointment to proceed accordingly.

Common Orthodontic Treatment Appliances

Maxwell Heights Dental can help you with the installation of the following orthodontic appliances:

Braces: This is the most common type of orthodontic treatment that is used. Your dentist attaches brackets or bands to each tooth with glue. Archwires are then fitted into all the brackets and are usually held in place with either rubber or wire ties. You may experience some discomfort when your braces are initially put on, but with time, the discomfort will subside.

Invisalign: This is a modern alternative for braces. Invisalign uses clear aligners that are developed from computer-generated images and impressions taken from your mouth by your dentist in order to help change the position of your teeth. This method, instead of using wires to align your teeth, uses molds that, across a series of months, force your teeth into their new and improved position.

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Why Choose Us For Oshawa Orthodontics?

At Maxwell Heights Dental, we understand that you are looking for high-quality dental care to keep your teeth in good and healthy conditions. This is exactly why we are determined to offer the region of Durham and the community of Oshawa the friendliest and highest quality dental services. At our dental clinic, we have professionally trained dentists who have the necessary skills and the experience to be able to offer you reliable orthodontics treatment in Oshawa in a professional manner so your smile is in its best condition possible.

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