What are Fillings?

When tooth structure has decayed or a tooth is broken, fractured, or severely worn, fillings are used to restore its integrity and functionality. At Maxwell Heights Dental, we specialize in creating fillings that closely resemble the look and feel of your natural tooth, utilizing state-of-the-art composite-resin filling material.

Our expert team ensures that fillings are nearly indistinguishable from the original tooth in terms of strength and appearance, providing both durability and aesthetic appeal. This advanced material allows us to seamlessly blend the filling with the surrounding tooth structure, preserving the natural beauty of your smile.

By prioritizing regular dental visits and proactive care, you can extend the lifespan of your fillings and maintain optimal oral health for years to come. Trust Maxwell Heights Dental for expertly crafted fillings and comprehensive dental care tailored to your individual needs.

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Fillings at Maxwell Heights Dental

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