Childrenʼs Dentistry

Resort Your Child’s Smile

Here at Maxwell Heights Dental we take the privilege of caring for your childrenʼs teeth, along with teaching them about good oral hygiene and preventative dental care very seriously. The medical and dental associations now recommend that kids see their dentist at the age of 1 to start building good habits. Is your child anxious or nervous to visit the dentist clinic? At Maxwell Heights Dental our staff will help to ease your child through all their visits.

At our dentistry we have qualified professionals who can offer a comfortable and friendly atmosphere while providing dental care to your children. We place a strong focus on emphasising and educating good oral hygiene habits.

Treatment For Children: 

Our qualified professionals examine your child’s teeth and gums, as well as clean your child’s teeth and apply topical fluoride to help protect the teeth against decay. For those kids that need a little extra help, we offer nitrous oxide which is a safe, easy and effective way to help them get pass their fears.

Your Child’s First Visit:

We understand that your child might feel scared because this might be their first dental visit. But let us reassure you that there is nothing to be scared for. We suggest you prepare your child for their first visit by telling them beforehand, since children need predictability in their life in order to adjust and transition into unfamiliar situations

Why Choose Us? 

Here at our dental clinic centre, we understand that you want safe and efficient dental services for your children. Maxwell Heights Dental’s qualified team of dental health professionals offer reliable dental care in a friendly and professional manner to help serve the region of Durham, and the community of Oshawa. We will provide oral hygiene and preventative dental care in a fun and comfortable environment.