Childrenʼs dentistry

At Maxwell Heights Dental we take very seriously the privilege of caring for your childrenʼs teeth, along with teaching them about good oral hygiene and preventative dental care. The medical and dental associations now recommends that kids see their dentist at the age of 1 to start building good habits. Is your child anxious? At Maxwell Heights Dental our staff will help to ease your child whether it be their first visit or filling.

For those kids that need a little extra help we offer nitrous oxide which is a safe, easy and effective way to help them get past their fears. Will my child need braces? Having your child come in for regular maintenance and check ups will allow us to help monitor the growth and development of your childʼs jaw and teeth. If necessary we will recommend when the right time is for orthodontics. In some cases early interceptive treatments are done in order to remove or simplify the need for braces in the future.

If you are concerned that your child may need braces call us today for a consultation. How can I protect my childrenʼs teeth? We understand that many kids these days as early as the age of 3 start playing contact sports, such as hockey. A properly made sportsguard will help protect your childʼs teeth. Call us today to schedule an appointment.